Cut Cable Lock

Has your bike been Impounded?

We impound bikes when:

  • The bike appears to have been abandoned for some time.
  • We need to remove a bike rack for construction or other reason.
  • The bike was locked to a railing, tree, lamppost, etc. *Bikes must be locked to designated bike racks.

Check your email and voicemail, as we attempt to contact the owner of a registered bike before impounding it. A bike is flagged for a week (sometimes weeks) before being impounded, the exception being when the bike is locked to ADA handrails or gates that need to be opened. In this case, we leave a note with our contact attached to the site where the bike was impounded.

If you think CU may have impounded your bike, complete the missing bike form.

Has you bike Been Stolen?

Signs your bike was stolen:

  • Other bikes still at the bike rack
  • A part of the bike was left behind
  • A cut lock is left behind
  • The bike was registered and you have not been contacted by bike program staff

If your stolen bike was registered with CU:

If your stolen bike was not registered with CU:

Prevent future bike theft:

Contact the Bike Program with questions or comments at