Check out our local electric bike sharing opportunities 

BCycle RiderBike sharing, provided by Boulder B-cycle, entails a large fleet of ready to ride electric bicycles located at 40 stations across Boulder, with 14 stations on or around Campus. In contrast to bike rentals, each ride is kept short (under 60 minutes), and Boulder B-cycles are returned to any B-cycle station when not in use rather than being kept and locked up. Boulder B-cycles are available when you need them and they are a perfect complement to your feet, your car, your bus ride, and even your personal bicycle!

CU Boulder full-time students now ride for free!  Visit the Boulder B-Cycle's CU partnership website to download the app for free and start riding!

Free CU Boulder Student Membership

Thanks to the Environmental Center, students get unlimited trips for 12 months as long as they are under 60 minutes each (an $150 dollar value).

Sign up using the Boulder B-cycle app:

  1. Download the Boulder B-cycle app to set up your account and claim your free CU student pass brought to you by the CU Environmental Center.
  2. Select the “CU Boulder Student” option on the “Get Riding” screen
  3. Be sure you use your email address when registering
  4. You can use the app to check out and return bikes at any Boulder B-cycle station.

BCycle Pano

Contact BCycle with questions or comments at