syp day totals fall 2016Scrape Your Plate Day


Scrape Your Plate Day is now THREE times a semester! We are hoping that the more we get people to think about their food waste, the less food they will actually waste. This event is held in the C4C, the largest dining hall on campus. Student employees stand by compost bins located at the tray returns and ask students who are finished eating to scrape their leftovers into the bins. This allows us to measure the amount of food waste generated by students at every meal, as well as create awareness in students about their own eating habits and how they could be improved.

 In Fall 2016, the average amount of food waste per person was 0.16 lbs for dinner. We have much improved since past years, such as 2010 when the average was 0.42 lbs, but we are still looking to get this number as close to zero as possible.