• Extend the lifetime of your favorite things by taking time to repair them.
  • This helps keep perfectly fine items out of the land fill. 
  • If it's worth saving, why not save it!
  • Give a second chance to your fave jacket, not your ex!


  • If its torn, stitch it!
  • If it has a hole, patch it!
  • If you can’t fix it, maybe you can warranty it!


  • Fix a flat
  • Fix your breaks
  • Take a tutorial or class to keep your bike going!


  • Upgrade parts to keep your computer going
  • Repair or warranty your computer
  • Build a computer from new parts
  • Try upgrading, restoring or repairing your old electronics to make them work as if they were new.
  • By recycling your electronic waste, you are able to use the metals to create something new instead of throwing them away.
  • There are many metals that can be salvaged and reused, such as aluminum, gold, silver, copper and iron.
  • Also try to shop secondhand