Climate Change
polar bear on sinking iceberg
  • Lessen the impact to our agriculture and fresh water locations.
  • Lower the frequency of natural disasters that are affecting our communities internationally. 
  • Protect endangered species.

Saving Energy and Money
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  • If an object is not bought in the first place then the energy it takes for an item to be shipped, processed and recycled is not needed.  Think about how much energy it takes for an item to be created and disposed of before buying it. 
  • You can save money by taking a reusable mug to select coffee shops and get a discount on your morning coffee! To learn more visit the "Mugs, Bottles and Bags" page located above. 
  • Also save money by shopping second hand, then recycle your old clothes for someone else to use. 
  • Save money by finding a trash service that will let you pay based on the size of the trash bin you are provided, and give you composting and recycling bins for free!

Lessen Landfill Impacts on Surrounding Communities
A boy standing in a landfill
  • Landfills create water pollution when the trash is saturated with water and certain particles cannot be removed through a water treatment process. This is dangerous to the surrounding communities because their drinking water is contaminated.
  • Air pollution is created through the natural gasses that are released from the decay of materials. Being surrounded by these toxic gases can be a factor in lung and heart complications.

Reduce E-Waste
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  • Try upgrading, restoring or repairing your old electronics to make them work as if they were new.
  • By recycling your electronic waste, you are able to use the metals to create something new instead of throwing them away.
  • There are many metals that can be salvaged and reused, such as aluminum, gold, silver, copper and iron.
  • Also try to shop secondhand.