Zero Waste is the goal to move from a traditional waste disposal system to a cyclical resource management system. Zero Waste is essentially moving from a society that generates disposable waste to a society that avoids the use of virgin resources!

"If a product can't be reused, repaired, rebuilt, refurbished, refinished, resold, recycled or composted, then it should be restricted, redesigned, or removed from production."

zero waste

By taking the survery at the top of this page, you can help us set Zero Waste priorities at CU! 

Check out these links to see CU goals for Zero Waste...

CU Master Plan Goal

CU Student Government Legislation

And check out this site for the state of Colorado's Zero Waste goals...

State Zero Waste Goal

To add to this dialogue, please take the above survey!

Setting Course

What policies on sustainable resource management will be required?

Shifting Financial Incentives

What subsidies for waste and pollution should be avoided on campus? Boycotted from campus?

What green practices should be "procotted" on campus and around town?

Advanced Recovery

What new materials can be recovered through reuse, recycling, or composting?

Clean Production

How can campus operations be less toxic and more resource efficient?

Consumer Education

What campaigns are ripe for staff and student consumer education and product take-back?

Bricks and Mortar 

What campus and/or community centers are needed for total recovery-- reuse, recycling and composting, material exchange, and education.

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

Where are the jobs for college grads and how do they get them?

Zero Waste Resources