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Home-Made Re Gift Idea! Vinyl Record Bowl
Materials Needed: An old vinyl record A glass jar A small/medium sized ceramic plate or bowl A cookie sheet Oven and oven mitts!


I. Take out the top shelf and pre-heat your oven to 350 degrees. 

record vinyl bowl

2. Remove the vinyl record from its sleeve—but don't throw the sleeve away, you can use it to make awesome greeting cards!

3. Place glass jar top-down on the cookie sheet, and balance the ceramic plate or bowl on top of the jar.

4. Place the record on top of the plate, and make sure it is centered.

5. Next, put everything together into the oven – balance!

6. Wait about 2-3 minutes – the longer you wait the more concave the record bowl will be.

7. Once you are satisfied with the bowl's shape, remove the cookie sheet etc. from the oven – use your mitts.

8. Let the record cool for 3 minutes before moving—after a few minutes it will harden enough to pick up.

9. With your next record, experiment with a different sized plate or bowl, or a tall glass to make new record bowl shapes.

10.Give the record bowl as is, or decorate it with old magazine clippings to make it extra stylie!