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Resources for Recycling Education and Outreach

CU Recycling can provide promotional displays for Academic and Administrative buildings in the form of painted wooden structures with impactful recycling facts and statistics, a solid brick of compacted aluminum cans, and official bulletin boards for installation above recycling locations.

Email cure@colorado.edu to request a display.

Invite CU Recycling to your next meeting! This presentation can answer your questions about recycling, composting, campus services, recycled products, how to reduce waste in your office and more. The program includes:
  • slide show of the campus program
  • hands-on question and answer period
  • posters and materials for your office
  • 10 - 45 minutes of great information (you determine the length)

Call CU Recycling at 303-492-8307 or email cure@colorado.edu to schedule a presentation.

In the summer of 2015, the brand new Grounds and Recycling Operations Center began operations on the CU campus. The GROC is an intermediate step in the recycling process between the campus buildings at the University of Colorado and the end markets for recycling. Recyclable materials collected from recycling bins across campus are delivered to the ROC, where student workers load, sort, and weigh materials in preparation for shipment to the local Boulder County Recycling Center, where materials are further processed and shipped to markets to be made into new products.

To schedule a tour of the ROC call CU Recycling at 303-492-8307 or email cure@colorado.edu

Set up a visit for a CU Environmental Center representative to perform an educational assessment of your office’s environmental practices. Feedback includes tips on how to become an environmentally friendly office as well as helpful information and resources on the following topics:
  • recycling
  • waste reduction
  • procurement
  • energy use
  • transportation
  • pest management

Call 303-492-8307 or email cure@colorado.edu to schedule a visit.