A Few Common FAQs

What to Recycle:   A list of common acceptable and unacceptable items

Where to Recycle:   An explanation of how to recycle in certain areas on campus

Special Material Recycling:   A brief guide to the "Hard to Recycle" items on campus

Office Clean Outs and Special Collections:   To recycle from office purges or special collection of recycalbles

Shredding Service:   For documents that need to be shredded before they are recycled

Construction and Demolition Materials:    How to recycle your C&D waste

For a missed collection in your buildilng, please call

Facilities Management at: 303-492-5321 

For a Housing Department related question, please call: 303-735-3013

Contact Info

Environmental Center - UMC 355

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CU Recycling
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Boulder, CO 80309