Toolkit for Conducting Computers to Youth Events


Objective / Overview 

With VOQAL Foundation funding, this toolkit has been developed to help other organizations replicate similar programs more efficiently and effectively.






Goals and Learning Outcomes


Sample Agenda


Lesson Plans


Materials list



  • Mentor Application
  • Youth Permission Form
  • Learning Sheet
  • Youth Evaluation
  • Mentor Evaluation
  • Follow-up Youth Evaluation



  • Computer registration
  • Recycling label
  • Name tags


Promotional Materials

  • Sponsor Poster
  • Press release
  • Web site files
  • Photo albums


Fact sheet


Slide show



  • Teaching Resources
    • Methods of Differentiation in the Classroom
    • Mentoring Skills
  • Equipment Sources
    • Hardware, software, flash drives
  • Fundraising Ideas
    • Crowdfunding campaign
  • Grant applications
    • VOQAL Foundation
  • Budgets / reports