PIPs for School is a scholarship provided by the Office of Financial Aid (OFA) that can be applied to your tuition and fees.

Start committing your PIPs to PIPs for School using the sliding feature in the 'PIPs for School' tab in this app. You can pledge a portion of all future earned PIPs or make one-time commitments to your PIPs for School in 2500 PIP intervals. Both methods are like putting those PIPs in a savings account.

You need to commit at least 10,000 PIPs before January 1 for the spring semester and June 1 for the fall semester to receive PIPs for School scholarship funds. The PIPs you commit to PIPs for School are eligible for matching funds from the CU Boulder PIPs Education Fund as funds are available.

Get all the PIPs for School details from OFA

You can commit up to 50,000 PIPs for School in one academic year (the equivalent of $500). If matching funds are available, you could earn up to $1000 toward tuition and fees in one academic year.

Matching funds are not guaranteed to be available.