do good. earn pips. get rewards.

PIPs are Positive Impact Points

PIPs are Positive Impact Points, a ‘currency of change.’ They are earned and redeemed for verifiable daily life behaviors that benefit the planet, community and personal health. There are many ways to earn PIPs throughout campus for students, staff, and faculty!

actions to pips to rewards graphic with arrows

You can earn PIPs for:

  • Bike sharing with B-Cycle

  • Riding the HOP bus

  • Recycling your mobile or laptop, and buying ‘new to you’ with Gazelle

  • Shopping lightly used and vintage clothing with Etsy and ThredUp

  • Volunteering on campus and with local non-profits

  • Attending CU events 

  • Refilling your water bottle
 at campus locations

  • Participating in contests, challenges and games