Stop by for a quick safety check or service!

The Mobile Mechanic will not be available from Friday November 16th - March 2019. 

Mobile Mechanic

The CU Bike Program offers bike maintenance services to all CU affiliates with a registered bicycle at our UMC Bike Station on the west side of the Trumbo Fountain and our Folsom Bike Station just west of the Engineering Center. The UMC Bike Station is open for the summer. Both Bike Stations will open for the Fall Semester August 27 are open Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm during the school year and close for the winter around Fall Break. 

Mobile Mechanic StationThe demand for these locations was proven throughout the summer, and these satellite locations will be here to stay for the Fall Semester. Unlike the Mobile Mechanic services provided throughout the winter, no appointment is necessary to visit the Mobile Mechanic satellite locations.

Mobile Mechanics can only work on registered bikes. If your bike isn't registered, please register before visting the Mobile Mechanic Station.


Feel free to contact the bicycle program for questions or comments at or call 303-735-BIKE.