Michaela Owens
Bicycle Recycling & Processing Program Manager
CU Boulder Bike Program

Michaela is a Colorado native from Denver and has been living in Boulder since 2008. She has been riding a bike since she could walk which is how her passion for cycling began. She now uses her bike as her main mode of transportation, riding an average of 3600 miles per year. Her involvement in the cycling world began while attending CU Boulder, where she got a job refurbishing abandoned bikes for the bike program. Since college she has become very involved in Boulder's cycling community by working at Community Cycles as a mechanic and educator since 2013. Her career has now come full circle as she manages the very program she worked for in college, the Environmental Center's Bicycle Recycling and Processing Program. In her free time she enjoys mountain biking, hiking, seeing live music, cooking, camping, reading, and baking sourdough bread.