First, see our Current Openings to read through current opening job descriptions, hours required, and desired start dates.  You may apply for more than one position.

  1. Submit an online application by clicking the gold button below.

  2. We read a lot of applications (often 200+ in a semester) so make yours stand out.  Include as much information as possible about your sustainability interests, experiences and goals, and why you want to work for the Environmental Center. 
  3. If have a resume, you can supplement your online application by emailing it to  Save as a Microsoft Word or PDF document, titled as your "First Name_Last Name.doc" or .pdf (example  Alex_Verde.doc)  Note that resumes alone are not considered -- you must also complete the online application.  On the application, you can fill in “see resume” on applicable questions.
  4. Depending on openings, interviews will be scheduled with select applicants.  Because of the number of applications we receive, we are unable to interview everyone who submits an application.  Experience working with environmental and social issues, strong sustainability background and interests, skills specific to available positions, a financial aid work-study award, and date of application submission are all taken into account to decide who to interview.  At the end of each application period, every applicant will be notified whether they will be interviewed or not.

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