CU Boulder's Facilities Management provides access to campus utility consumption information and cost data through the EnergyCAP software. You must have access to the CU Boulder network to access this data using the following instructions, but non-CU affiliates can submit a Data Inquiry Form to Utility Services for specific information of interest. Use EnergyCAP to view various utility consumption information for the buildings on the CU Boulder campus over time.


  1. Go to the Utilities page on the Facilities Management website.
  2. Pull up the Online Instructions listed under Energy Data (EnergyCAP) for reference as you navigate the EnergyCap software.
  3. Click Online Access, also listed under Energy Data (EnergyCAP).
  4. Log in when prompted using your CU Boulder Identikey and password.
  5. Follow the provided instructions to access EnergyCAP.
  6. Reference the Online Instructions provided on the Utilities page under EnergyCAP to navigate the software.