I2SL Group at Annual ConferenceThe International Institute for Sustainable Laboratories (I2SL,www.i2sl.org) is devoted to the principles of sustainable laboratories and related high-technology facilities, from design to engineering to operation.  

I2SL holds an annual conference towards the end of September in a different US location every year.  If you work in sustainability related to scientific labs, this conference is a great opportunity for ideas and networking.  CU Green Labs has attended every year since 2010 and there are no plans to stop attending.   

In recent years, there has been growing attention by I2SL given to the importance of initiatives at the lab occupant level including efforts to engage scientists in conservation and address the plug-load equipment used by lab members.  The annual conference has reflected that growing attention with more and more talks and networking occuring every year along these lines.  

Two I2SL working groups that focus on items related to efforts at the occupant level include:

The Laboratory Continuous Performance Improvement Program (LCPIP): http://www.i2sl.org/working/continuousperformance.html

The University Alliance Group (UAG): http://www.i2sl.org/working/university_alliance.html