Residence Life at CU Boulder is committed to creating a comfortable and environmentally conscious space for our students while they live with us. As a part of that commitment, we have several intiatives and programs currently available for our on campus residents.  

EcoReps at CU Boulder   

The EcoReps Program is a full-year environmental leadership program specifically for first year students. Want to be a part of a close knit community of student leaders? As an EcoRep, you move in early to participate in an amazing weekend retreat in Estes Park. EcoReps also meet twice a month throughout the year to continue learning about issues related to sustainability and environmental justice. Get the experience and support you need to impact campus as a student leader - right from year one.  Be a leader – Be an EcoRep!

Check out the EcoReps Website for more infromation!
Application open January 1 - July 15!

Green Room Certifications

GRCGreen Room Certifications are an opportunity to learn about all the ways you can be more environmentally friendly while living on campus. From heating to water use, our staff can help you recognize all the ways you can save energy and water in the halls - in 2 easy meetings.

We will also help you get connected with clubs, events, and leadership programs through in person conversations about your interests - making CU easy to navigate for a new student interested in sustainability and environmental action. 

Sign Up to Get Certified!

How does it work?

Once you sign up, a Green Room student staff member will contact you to schedule an assessment. They will plan a time to meet with you to talk through what kind of actions you’ve already taken toward reducing your impact, as well as help you find other ways you might not have considered yet. It’s a time for you to ask questions, and to learn about all the resources and opportunities we have on campus, and get some cool swag like reusable shopping bags, water bottles, gift cards, and more. Assessments normally take about 30 minutes.

Our staff member will also schedule a “follow up visit”, where you can chat about any changes you may have made in your behavior since speaking with them previously. That way, you have time to put your new knowledge into action, and time to follow up with more questions if you have them. To learn more, sign up!


LEED Certification / Green Buildings

In Housing, we currently have 2 LEED Platinum and 6 LEED Gold Residence Halls, as well as our LEED Platinum Center for Community. Since a LEED building often has 25% lower energy use compared to the national average, green buildings are one of the big ways we incorporate sustainability into operations at CU Boulder. 

We've also piloted energy metering software in Williams Village North (WVN), one of our LEED Platinum Residence Halls. By installing energy meters on every floor and wing in the building, residents are able to see in real time how much energy they are using compared to their neighbors - as well as participate in annual energy comptitions to encourage students to reduce their energy use. Our WVN energy tracking website can be viewed here - as well as our tour of WVN's green features.

Interested in learning more about our commitment to green building campus wide? Check our Green Buildings page.