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One Million Acts of Green is the platform for the EcoStar Challenge - a competition to improve sustainability in the campus residence halls.  If you live in the residence halls, choose your green acts during February 1st - March 15th to compete for hall prizes and individual prizes.  

Halls compete to gain the most participants per capita.  Top-ranking halls get prize money.  1st place: $700; 2nd place: $500; 3rd place: $300. Individual prizes are available as well! The resident in each hall who logs the most emissions saved will be selected for $100 REI gift certificate! RA Sustainability Liaisons will be on the lookout each week throughout the competition to reward individual participants with shirts, hats, reusable bags, lights, etc! Post a photo of you doing an eco-act. Some will be selected for posting on your hall's EcoStar Challenge board.  When you create your account, affiliate with your residence hall building (select "groups") for your participation to count toward the spring 2014 EcoStar Challenge competition.

Students in each residence hall register on One Million Acts of Green, a social networking tool that allows students, faculty and staff across campus to build individual sustainability plans, track and report progress, and see the impact of their commitments and measure carbon footprint reduction.  There are more than 100 sustainability actions to choose from.  Participants may select eco-friendly actions they do at home and/or on campus and those that they plan to do.

Not sure what acts to choose?  Here are Ten Suggested Acts for UCB Students relevant to the residence hall environment on campus.  You will find these under the "At Home" categories of actions.  

  1. Do Laundry In Cold Water
  2. Drink Tap Water Instead of Bottled Water
  3. Turn Lights Off When Not In Use
  4. Turn Off Your Home Computer When You're Not Using It
  5. Use a Reusable or Travel Coffee Cup
  6. Print on Both Sides of the Paper
  7. Use a Power Strip
  8. Take Public Transit Instead of Driving
  9. Set Your Thermostat to 18C (68F) or Less in the Winter and Higher Than 78F (25C) in the Summer
  10. Turn the tap off when brushing your teeth

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