November Live Green Tip: staying warm and saving money this winter

Cooler temperatures are here to stay for awhile - let's talk about staying warm indoors this winter. Heating a space usually makes up a large majority of the overall energy used there, so keeping heat in once a space is warm can save a lot of energy.

Here are person-centric tips if you find youself chilled:

Step 1 - put on a(nother) sweater (and scarf, slippers, etc.)

Step 2 - have a lovely warm mug of tea, cider, coffee, cocoa, etc.

Step 3 - turn up the heat a little bit (if you still need to)

Here a building-centric tips if you find your space cold:

Off Campus

If you are a student

Sign up for free ECO-Visit, sponsored by Xcel Energy. Student technicians will come to your home, install free compact fluorescent light bulbs and other energy-saving devices, and give tips for staying warm and saving energy in your space.

If you are not a student

Check out Xcel Energy's thorough Guide to Home Energy Savings.

Take advantage of a subsidized energy audit and energy efficiency rebates through Boulder County's Energy Smart Program.

On Campus

Working on campus

Here are some tips from Facilites Management:

  • Where you have control of your thermostat, set the heating set point no greater than 68 degrees.
  • Make sure all heating and air conditioning systems under your control are turned off every night and every weekend.
  • Dress appropriately for the seasons and the comfort level of your work area. Keep a sweater in your office instead of adjusting the thermostat.
  • If you use a building after-hours or on weekends, do not expect the heating/cooling systems to be in full operation.

If you notice an opportunity for energy conservation on campus, contact the Energy Conservation Hotline - 303-735-6202 or

Have an idea to make a student-owned campus building (UMC, Wardenburg, Rec Center) more efficient? We have an Energy Efficiency Fund to make it happen!

Living on campus

Because every residence hall has a different heating system, it's a good idea to get familiar with how the heating system in your building works.

Here is a general guide to Residence Hall heating systems,

and ask your RA for specifics about heating in your building.

General Tips and Tricks
  • Keep furniture, rugs, and clothing from blocking air ducts.
  • If you have a thermostat, only change settings a few degrees a time - this will ensure the system doesn't have to work too hard to heat your space 
  • Keep objects clear of the heaters - especially radiators
  • Make sure your windows close and seal properly (you can always submit a Fix-it request if they don't)
  • Depending on the heating system in your building, it's might be necessary to try to keep your windows closed - if this applies to your building and you regularly get too hot in your room, use a floor fan to blow warm air into the hall

And if you notice anything not working in your room, floor, or building, take the time to submit a Fix-it request to Housing Facilities Services and they can take care of it!