Did you know?Heating at home

In any space, heating it makes up a huge percentage of the energy use - and requires different actions based on where you live. Below are some general tips for heating your residence hall room effectively, as well as some specific tips for each type of heating system we have on campus.

General Tips and Tricks

  • Keep Furniture/Carpeting/Clothing from blocking air ducts
  • Only change the thermostat settings a few degrees a time - this will ensure the system doesn't have to work too hard to heat your space
  • Keep objects clear of the heaters – especially radiators
  • Make sure your windows are sealed 

Many older buildings have less exact heating systems, and don't track open windows or even the temperature in every room. In these buildings if you leave the window open, often the heating system will ramp up to compensate for the dropping temperature - wasting a LOT of energy. Instead of opening your window if it gets hot, it makes more sense to get a floor fan and place it blowing air out into the hall to regulate temperatures more evenly. 

For more information about heating systems in the residence halls, visit the FixIt site.