Recycling staff working Global JamWhen over 6,000 students arrive at Farrand Field each year to enjoy a picnic lunch of food from around the globe, they find no trashcans for their waste. That's because the Global Jam picnic is a Zero Waste Event and only serves compostable and recyclable materials, so nothing needs to be thrown into the landfill.  The goal of zero-waste is to divert at least 90% of all waste from the landfill through composting, recycling, and reuse.  

Each year at Global Jam, more than 80% of the waste is diverted from the landfill, with over 4,000 pounds of compost collected, over 500 pounds of cans and bottles, and 200 pounds of cardboard.

The zero waste efforts at Global Jam are a collaboration between the Department of Housing and Dining Services and the Environmental Center. We hope Global Jam will continue to set the trend for many more zero waste events on campus in the future.