We welcome you to access these resources online and download our materials for free to be used in displays and on bulletin boards in your community. Clicking on the image will allow you to download a printable version of the poster. Take a look at the list below and feel free to contact us anytime! Email michelle.gabrieloff@colorado.edu with questions.

Can you see the difference?

These two posters show a before and after picture of what Colorado might look like in a changing climate.  The Environmental Center has a 60"x40" laminated version of this poster available for events and outreach opportunities.  Contact: michelle.gabrieloff@colorado.edu

Can You see the Difference PosterCan You see the Difference Poster p2

Climate Change in Colorado

This series shows the impacts of climate change on snow pack, forest health, forest fires, the American pika, the freshwater trout and the Rocky Mountain pine beetle.  This campaign aims to bring the effects of climate change home to Colorado, because it's not just ice caps and polar bears. 

Climate Change in Colorado Campaign series

Residence Hall Conservation

These posters are great educational tools for spreading energy awareness and habits of conservation in your hall. This series communicates the importance of turning the lights off, putting your computer to sleep, unplugging energy vampires, conserving hot water and much more. 

Residence Hall Conservation posters

Green Jobs

The clean energy economy was imagined by Colorado Governor Bill Ritter and green jobs have gained a lot of popularity ever since. Use these displays to educate your community about what green jobs are, what the benefits are and why they should care.

Green Jobs Posters