Online Literature


Toward Environmental Justice: Research, Education, and Health Policy Needs (1999).
Committee on Environmental Justice, Institute of Medicine

The National Academic Press provides access to more than 3,000 books that can be read in their entirety, for free online.


Environmental Justice Research Study
This report details the results of a study conducted by the Colorado Department of Transportation in compliance with Executive Order 12898, which requires each Federal agency to make achieving environmental justice part of its mission.

Library Resources

The Environmental Center library, located in UMC 355, currently has 25 titles related to environmental justice.

On the University library homepage, an LC Subject Heading search for ‘environmental justice’ will allow you to find books that give an overview of environmental justice, or books that describe EJ issues specific to a country or region.


Bridging the GapAASHE 2014

ASE presented at AASHE in 2014 with a poster illustrating some of the connections between the environmental and social and cultural sides of sustainability

Photo of ASE students and program manager presenting a poster at the AASHE conference


2011 presentation materials

In October 2011 the CU Assembly for Sustainability and Equity presented at the 2011 AASHE Conference in Pittsburgh.  Below are the notes from that presentation.  CU ASE will also present at the 2012 conference in LA.  Stay tuned for notes and powerpoint.

AASHE Worksheet (pdf)

AASHE Presentation (pdf)

Campus resources

The following groups and individuals are involved with EJ-related issues. We are trying to make this database as complete as possible, and welcome you to contribute information about projects, groups or initiative that we may not be aware of.  Please contact us at

CU Volunteer Resource Center (VRC) The mission of the Volunteer Resource Center is to strengthen campus and community relations through education, outreach and community service. The VRC offers a series of Alternative Breaks around Environmental Justice issues. Check their website for more information.

Cultural Unity and Engagement Center (CUE) We offer a range of academic and cultural programs that will help you become part of a vital, caring community that will change you and that you, in turn, will change.