Student clubs

Profound Connections

Profound Connections is a CESR project started on campus by Caitlin O’Neill and Cindy Lee that brings sustainability-oriented clubs together at CU Boulder. The goal of the project is to help with communication between clubs, help clubs grow, and create a linked community. Collectively, student leadership is helping CU reach sustainable goals. By being in better collaboration we can move faster and more effectively towards these goals. 

Joining a club at CU is an awesome way to make friends, get involved on and off-campus, create memories, build resumes, and gain experience through volunteering and/or building skills! Do you like animals? Check out CU Wildlife Club! If you’re interested in farming, why not check out the CU Farm Club? What about bees or beekeeping? The CU Bee Club has got something for you! 

While we are working with specific clubs that focus on environment and sustainability, you can find all the clubs at this directory with Center for Student Involvement.