The Bioneers Resilient Communities Network build “resilience from the ground up” at local and regional levels by serving as a hub for discovering, disseminating and implementing breakthrough environmental and social justice innovations, solutions, models and practices through vibrant network of partner organizations and communities.  For more information on this Network, see  

The 2017 Front Range Eco-Social Solutions: A Bioneers Network event is collaboratively produced by:

University of Colorado Environmental Center

Established in 1970, the student-powered Environmental Center serves as a catalyst and facilitator for a culture of sustainability at the University of Colorado at Boulder.  Striving for environmental restoration, social justice and economic vitality, the Environmental Center's purpose is to:

  • Innovate.  The EC fosters new ideas for implementing sustainability.

  • Educate.  The EC informs the campus and community.

  • Empower.  The EC enables sustainability leadership.

  • Collaborate.  The EC cultivates sustainability programs in coordination with campus and community partners.

  • Leverage.  The EC adds significant financial resources and value.

The Center provides direct services to the University community, including the recycling program, the student bus pass and bicycle programs, and energy conservation and renewable energy programs.  The Center engages in the community with environmental justice, education, and skills-building programs, and by sponsoring educational events, such as Front Range Bioneers.

Woodbine Ecology Center

Inspired and guided by the historical wisdom of indigenous peoples, Woodbine Ecology Center utilizes education, demonstration, research, and active collaboration with indigenous and other communities to develop and promote examples of egalitarian, self-reliant, and sustainable living.

Earth Guardians

Earth Guardians is an organization of dedicated youth from around the world. We are committed to standing up to protect the Earth, Water, Air and Atmosphere so our generation, and those to follow, inherit a healthy, just and sustainable planet. We are focusing on weaving together the synergy of individual grassroots youth driven projects around the globe, to create one international, intergenerational movement for effective change.

Naropa University

The pursuit of wisdom at Naropa University means learning both about academic subjects and about one's own place in the world. The mission of contemplative education—combining the best of Western and Eastern academic traditions—places Naropa on the cutting edge of the newest and most effective methods of teaching and learning.

Youth On Record

Youth on Record is committed to ensuring that the youth we serve graduate from high school and are ready to enter the workforce, transition to college or enter advanced technical training. Our programs empower teens in some of Denver’s most vulnerable communities to make life choices that positively impact their future by teaching them to develop the tools, inspiration and wherewithal to succeed in today’s world and to become leaders of tomorrow. Our intensive, for-credit high school classes are led by a powerful group of culturally relevant Colorado musicians, all of whom have a passion for working with at-risk and underserved youth in the Denver Metro area.

Boulder County Foodshed

The Shed: Boulder County is a new educational campaign formed by a coalition of business, government and non-profit leaders in Boulder County.  Our goal is to balance our food system by promoting the increased production, consumption, and preservation of regional and local food options.

Denver Permaculture Guild

The Denver Permaculture Guild is a membership-based nonprofit with the aim of building a more just, resilient and ecologically-robust Denver.