Eco-Engage Career Tours are designed to introduce students to a wide range of local innovators, activists, entrepreneurs and leaders in the field of sustainability while meeting other students and having fun. Join students who share your interest in sustainability on a bus or in a van as we tour the Front Range meeting and networking with local leaders and innovators working in the exciting and growing field of sustainability - from eco-preneurs to organic farmers to water conservationists to energy justice leaders - and along the way find out more about inspiring career paths, internship opportunities and volunteer possibilities. 

 These FREE offerings are restricted to CU-Boulder students. Students may participate in any number of these events, from one to as many as you have time for. There are no prerequisites to participate and transportation is provided. 

Current Tours: Fall 2018

  • Sustainable Agriculture Tour  Friday, September 14, 12:30pm - 5 pm. Transportation provided.  (Deadline to enroll is Wednesday September 12) FREE.
    Join us as we tour organizations and meet professionals involved in sustainable agriculture including Golden Hoof FarmFarm N Wild Wellspring, Boulder Farmer's Market and more. Our tour guide for this event is Phil Taylor of MadAgriculture and we are bound to have fun while learning a lot and meeting cool folks!
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  • Energy Justice Tour  Friday October 12, 12:30pm - 5 pm. Transportation provided. (Deadline to enroll is Wednesday, October 10) FREE
    Join us as we tour organizations and meet professionals involved in Energy Justice including GRID Alternatives, The Other Third and Elephant Energy. We will consider issues related to equitable access to renewable energy and inequitable burdens of polluting energy sources along with energy poverty. Our tour guide will be Michelle Gabrieloff-Parish, the Energy and Climate Justice program manager at the Environmental Center. 
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  • Biomimicry: Nature Based Field Exercises Tour  Friday October 26, 12:30pm - 5 pm. Transportation provided. (Deadline to enroll is Wednesday, October 24) FREE.
    Join us as we experience a new way of seeing nature, search for nature based solutions and consider our place in the world. We'll meet professional biomimicists who will lead us through several field exercises that showcase a more curious and inspirational way of seeing the world, and steps for seeking nature based solutions through a Biomimicry lens. PLEASE NOTE: An introductory lecture on Biomimicry on Wednesday evening is recommended (but not required).
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Past Tours: 

Spring 2018 

  • Eco and Social Entrepreneurship Tour. At this event, we toured organizations and met entrepreneurs involved in Eco and Social Entrepreneurship including Ozuke Fermented Foods, Botanical Interests Seed Company and Eco-Systems Energy consulting. 

  • Wildlands Restoration and Conservation Tour. At this event we toured organizations and met professionals involved in wildlands restoration and conservation including Wildlands Restoration Volunteers and City of Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks . 

Fall 2017​ 

  • Watershed to Waterspout Tour.  At this event, we learned more about organizations involved in water conservation and water quality including including Foundations for Leaders Organizing Water and Sustainability (FLOWS), the Boulder Hydro power plant and the Center for Resource Conservation. 

  • From Food Deserts to Food Justice Tour.   At this event, we toured organizations and met activists involved in food justice including Seeds of Power Unity Farm, the So All May Eat Cafe, and the farms and gardens at Dahlia Campus for Health. 

Spring 2017

  • Eco and Social Entrepreneurship Tour.  At this event, we learned more about organizations engaged in socially and environmentally oriented entrepreneurship including Momentum, Bhakti Chai, and more. 
  • Sustainable Manufacturing Tour. At this event, we learned about more about sustainable manufacturing and what it takes to create sustainable products you purchase, including Eco-Products, Ozo Coffee Roasters and MM Local. 

  • Recycling and Waste Diversion Tour. At this event, we toured recycling and waste diversion organizations including the campus recycling center, Eco-Cycle and the Hard to Recycle Center. 

  • Eco-Social Justice Tour.  At this event we toured organizations involved in eco-social justice on campus and at the neighborhood and national levels including the campus Eco-Social Justice Team, Re-Vision, and the O.U.R Center.