The CU Environmental Center’s long-standing environmental education program has operated for 20 years as “Earth Education” volunteer program and “Teach for Sustainability” internship program.  The program successfully matched undergraduate studentsTeacher with students learning about sustainibilty with local teachers that are interested in implementing environmental and natural science education into their classroom and provided applied experience and training to hundreds of students- many of whom went on to education careers. 

Currently, we are not offering the program.  If you are a student interested in gaining intern or volunteer experience, consider the following resources.  

Get Experience

Wild Bear Mountain Ecology Center

Thorne Nature Experience

Cottonwood Institute

Calwood Education Center

City of Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks

CU Science Discovery


Feet on the Earth

Boulder Valley ICO volunteer-run youth outreaach program of the Sierra Club


Colorado Alliance for Environmental Education

CU Children, Youth and Environments Journal

Must Reads: 

Sobel, David. (1996). Beyond Eco-phobia.

Stone, Michael K. and Center for Ecoliteracy (2009). Smart by Nature: Schooling for Sustainability.

       Healdsburg, CA: Watershed Media.


Helpful curriculum web sites for kids, teachers, and volunteers.

  • Environmental Center

  • Sustainable Transportation

  • Clean Energy

  • Science Discovery - is an experience-based educational outreach program of the University of Colorado at Boulder School of Education.  Their mission is to stimulate scientific interest, understanding, and literacy among Colorado’s youth, teachers, and families by interfacing with university resources and academic expertise.