Angela Maria Ortiz Roa
Climate Justice Program Coordinator • (she/her/hers)

This Colombian native became passionate and began educating herself about the concepts of Social Justice, cultural diversity, and intersectional oppression and transformation shortly after migrating north in 2001. Simultaneously, Angela has formed herself as skilled language service provider (Spanish/English/American Sign Language) and in her short experience in this field she has gained a unique understanding around the community’s cultural and linguistic needs, and has been able to facilitate and promote communication for the diverse populations.

With her experience as an Urban Agriculture Educator, and after receiving her Permaculture Certificate in 2014, Angela has strengthened her commitment to serve the community. As a multicultural and multilingual individual she hopes to continue to contribute to the development of resilient and sustainable communities by building bridges between people, cultures, natural resources and the earth. Angela is also a passionate mother who loves music and dance.