Moe Collins picture
By Megan Adam 

Meet Moe Collins (they/them), a passionate and dedicated student from Broomfield, Colorado, pursuing a major in Environmental Studies with a minor in Political Science. For the past four years, Moe has been an integral part of the CU Boulder Environmental Center, where they currently serve as the Zero Waste Events Lead. Beyond their environmental work, Moe has a diverse range of interests including drag, art, and promoting queer identities. Their dedication to environmental justice and advocacy for fair treatment underscores their commitment to making a positive impact in the world. 

What sparked Moe’s interest in environmental and sustainability issues? 

Initially undecided during their freshman year, Moe’s interest in environmental and sustainability issues unexpectedly started when they took an introductory class on the environment. This class became a catalyst, inspiring them to dedicate their life to such issues. Their passion grew when they started working at the Environmental Center and saw how committed and passionate their colleagues were. In Moe’s words, these colleagues were “dedicated and passionate individuals doing the most that they could,” compelling Moe to become an advocate for environmental and sustainability initiatives. 

What are some of the key tasks or projects Moe’s been involved in as a student staff member at the Environmental Center? 

As a student staff member at the Environmental Center, Moe says, “I divert waste from landfills and make sure recycling is done properly on campus.” Additionally, Moe is involved in the setup and dismantlement of waste stations, followed by the sorting of materials, which you can read more about here

What makes CU and the Boulder community unique in terms of sustainability? 

Moe observes that the people they collaborate with at their workplace are deeply committed to their tasks, stating, “Everyone I work with and for is extremely passionate about what they do.” 

How does Moe think their work and the work of the Environmental Center has impacted campus and the broader community?

For Moe, the most impactful moments in their work occur when it’s acknowledged. They note that many people on campus are unaware of their role, but when they learn about it, their perspectives shift. Moe highlights the importance of making environmental issues visible to the community as the most effective way to garner interest and concern, stating, “People don’t really care until they see it for themselves.”

Want to live a more sustainable lifestyle but aren’t sure where to start? Here’s Moe’s Advice!

Moe’s advice to students aspiring to adopt more sustainable lifestyles is straightforward: “Just do it.” They underscore the ease and personal rewards of sustainability efforts, emphasizing the importance of individual action.