Live, Connect, Lead: Your Journey to Sustainability at CU Boulder

Are you ready to embark on a journey towards a greener future at the University of Colorado Boulder? As you step onto campus, the opportunity to become a Sustainable Buff awaits you. The Sustainable Buff program, spearheaded by CU Boulder's Environmental Center, provides a dynamic avenue for students to actively engage with sustainability initiatives on campus and contribute to a more environmentally conscious community. The Sustainable Buff program, hosted by CU Boulder's Environmental Center, offers an avenue for students to actively engage with sustainability initiatives on campus and contribute to a greener future. It can be overwhelming to navigate all of the extra curricular activity options on campus so we have sorted out a Sustainable Buff specific list to get involved. 

Live: Embracing a Sustainable Lifestyle

Being a Sustainable Buff is more than adopting eco-friendly practices; it involves adopting a lifestyle that champions sustainability in every facet of your academic journey. Whether you're a newcomer or a transfer student, this program warmly welcomes everyone who shares a passion for safeguarding our planet's resources. To kickstart your journey, consider taking the Sustainable Buff Pledge, joining the ranks of the 90% of CU students committed to making sustainable lifestyle choices.

AWorld App- CU Boulder has partnered with the AWorld app from ActNow, the United Nations’ campaign for individual action on climate change and sustainability. The app allows users to weave sustainability into their everyday lives and track their impact. Mission is to link what students have already been doing on campus to real data centric values that will allow them to track their sustainability journey, learn new tips, tricks, habits, and hacks in living a sustainable lifestyle and connect you to fellow Buffs who are on the same path as you!

Connect: Connect with other Buffs through meetups, events, service, and student groups.  

Sustainability is not a solitary endeavor; it thrives when communities come together. Engage with fellow Buffs through meetups, events, service projects, and student groups that celebrate a shared commitment to sustainability.

Events, Service, Workshops: Participate in a multitude of events, service projects, and workshops designed to broaden your understanding of sustainability and allow you to actively contribute to positive change.

Buffs One Read: Buffs One Read is a program that builds community through the shared reading of one book. This year’s book is The Book of Joy: Lasting Happiness in a Changing World! Authors Dalai Lama, Desmond Tutu and Douglas Carlton Abrams invite you to explore their wise teachings on joy, the science of joy, and joy practices. Their stories provide a glimpse into their long lives and offer inspiration for finding joy in "the face of life's inevitable suffering." 

Share Your Inspiration: Express your passion by creating short stories or videos and sharing them with the hashtag #SustainableBuffs or by mentioning @ecentercu on Instagram.

Collaborate with Student Groups: Numerous student-led organizations focus on sustainability. Join forces with groups like the Farm & Garden Club! The Farm & Garden Club has harvested more than 110 pounds of fresh produce this summer, which has been donated to garden volunteers & to free food distributions for students!  If you have a green thumb or simply enjoy spending time outdoors, the community gardens offer a space for hands-on experience with organic gardening. Learn about urban agriculture, connect with fellow students, and cultivate a stronger connection to nature.

Join the Sustainable Buff Network: Sign up for the Sustainable Buff newsletter and stay updated on upcoming events, workshops, and initiatives. This is your gateway to getting involved and making a difference.

Lead: Empowering Change through Action.

Harness your leadership potential and develop the skills to drive transformative change. Be a catalyst for sustainable practices and advocate for environmental consciousness. Make an impact during your time at CU Boulder with the following Sustainable Resources at CU Boulder.

Microcredentials: While traditional degrees and certificate programs recognize more robust programs of academic study, micro-credentials(Climate Justice Leadership Alliance and Sustainability Innovation) provide a way to recognize and document the acquisition of specific skills or competencies. Upon successful completion of a micro-credential program, learners are issued a digital badge that allows achievements to be displayed and shared when applying for opportunities on and off campus.  

Environmental Board: Are you interested in sustainability and student government? You can join the Environmental Board, a joint board of the CU Student Government (CUSG), helps CU students make the Boulder campus a greener, more socially just place by overseeing the activities, budget and programs of the nation’s largest student-run environmental center.

Green Labs Program- If you're a science enthusiast, the Green Labs Program provides a platform to make laboratories more eco-friendly. Join this initiative minimizes the use of energy, water, material goods, and hazardous chemicals in CU Boulder laboratories and promotes efficient, effective use of research equipment and laboratory space.
Applied Sustainability Learning Hub: This hub was created to facilitate applied sustainability learning at CU Boulder by connecting students, faculty and staff to each other and the resources they need to use our campus as a living lab. Integrate your classwork with campus sustainability by engaging in project-based learning opportunities. These real-world projects can advance through your research and study efforts. Student or faculty member interest form. Staff members interested in collaborating with faculty or students can fill out interest form. 

 Volunteer with Ralphie’s Green Stampede- Ralphie’s Green Stampede supports CU Athletics in implementing a sustainability framework that focuses on environmental impact, economic resources and social responsibility. Through conscientious gameday operations and stakeholder engagement, we empower all Buffs to have a positive impact on and off the field. Volunteers receive free entry to games, an RGS shirt and other great perks! Sign up today! 

Sustainable Buffs Guide: Join the ranks of Buffs committed to sustainability! This guide offers a plethora of ways to make sustainable choices in areas such as transportation, food, and shopping.

Bike Registration: Register your bicycle to actively contribute to a greener transportation ecosystem on campus.

Zero Waste at CU Boulder: You can take a self guided campus sustainability tour where you will learn about on campus for recycling and composting, both for on-campus and home use. Test your knowledge by participating in Eco-Cycle’s Sorting Game to learn what goes where. 

Eco-Visit: Sign up for an Eco-Visit to receive an Eco-kit and engage with student staff who will share best practices for leading a green lifestyle in your residence.

Your journey at CU Boulder is not just an academic one; it's an opportunity to lead and catalyze change towards a more sustainable future. By immersing yourself in the Sustainable Buff’s Live, Connect, and Lead pathways, you'll not only enrich your time on campus but also play an integral role in fostering an environmentally conscious community. Embrace this chance to learn, grow, and be a driving force as you assume the role of a Sustainable Buff.

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As you progress through your CU journey, remember that the Environmental Center is here to support you in developing knowledge, skills, leadership, and connections that transcend the campus and contribute to a positive impact beyond.