Connect with other students in a creative problem solving process to help CU reach its climate and sustainability goals, and have the chance to win cash prizes for your ideas! Get started with the Impact Accelerator Workshop  on February 11th. 

This afternoon workshop will help you learn about CU Boulder’s climate goals and needs, and how you can help make a difference at the University. In this one-day workshop, participants will discover an innovative, human-centered approach to problem solving — which can be applied throughout academic, professional, entrepreneurial, or personal pursuits. This type of creative problem solving process has been used to solve complex problems across a broad array of industries including start-ups, business, healthcare, technology, government, the arts, and more. Students will practice design thinking to ideate and prototype how to tackle campus climate and sustainability challenges.

profile picture of Becky Komarek The workshop will be led by Becky Komarek, Associate Director of Idea Forge at CU. Ideas generated at this workshop will be eligible for cash prizes in upcoming events such as the President’s Sustainable Solutions Challenge  and the Climate Action Expo. Also, participation in this workshop and a presentation counts toward earning the Sustainability Innovation micro-credential. The Sustainability Innovation Micr-ocredential is a digital badge which is a great way for students to build their resume and display their engagement in learning for sustainability and the environment. 

If you're interested in the micro-credential, the President’s Sustainable Solutions Challenge, or the Climate Action Expo, start by attending the Sustainability Impact Accelerator Workshop on February 11th, 2023 from 12-5pm. Those who sign up before February 8th will receive a welcome lunch upon arrival. The workshop is available to students of any academic discipline, so whether you are majoring in art, business, or engineering, you can benefit from this learning opportunity. 

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What is the Sustainability Innovation Micro-credential?

While traditional degrees and certificate programs recognize more robust programs of academic study, micro-credentials provide a way to recognize and document the acquisition of specific skills or competencies. Upon successful completion of a micro-credential program, learners are issued a digital badge that allows achievements to be displayed and shared. Just as diplomas serve to recognize degrees, digital badges are artifacts that offer recognition and storytelling about micro-credentials. 

To earn the Sustainability Innovation micro-credential in Spring 2023, students will need to:

  • Take CU: Sustainability Skillsoft course
  • Attend Impact Accelerator Workshop  on February 11. This is an idea formulation and creative problem solving workshop using campus climate action goals as the framework. Students will generate ideas for campus climate action projects which can be further formulated into proposals and presentations, and considered for implementation.
  • Attend a project development workshop on March 7th.  This workshop covers idea testing, proposal development, pitch formulation, stakeholder engagement, and systems thinking. Students will gain feedback and tools to test, build out and identify support for project proposals.
  • Complete a 1-1 mentoring session to test and validate project ideas. 
  • Capstone presentation. Student will share their project in one or more of the following formats: 
    • Applied learning class project proposal/presentation
    • President’s Sustainable Solutions Challenge presentation (April 12)
    • Presentation at Climate Action Expo (April 20)