Fall squashTemperatures are dropping, and leaves are starting to change colors, signaling that fall is making its way to campus and Boulder. As it does, many of us will turn to cooking and baking to welcome the new season. Before diving into a fall favorite Pinterest recipe, look into what fruits, vegetables, and herbs are in season. This time of year a wide variety of fruits and vegetables are in season: pumpkin, potatoes, carrots, collard greens, kale, apricots, apples, cantaloupes, and leeks. Be on the lookout for these ingredients the next time you stop by the farmers market or grocery store. There are many benefits to getting foods that are in season, they taste better, have higher nutritional value, and it’s more environmentally friendly! 

Two recipes that highlight and utilize in-season ingredients are butternut squash soup and pumpkin bars. Both recipes are perfect for a fall get-together or meal prep for a week. With the pumpkin bars, if you’re feeling adventurous, instead of purchasing pre-made pumpkin puree you can make your own! By making your own puree, you cut back on waste and have plenty of seeds to roast. Pumpkin seeds are a great fall snack and are chock full of valuable nutrients. 

Try cooking using local ingredients and finding recipes that are good for you while also being good for the planet. If you want to learn more about sustainable and local food systems, you should register to tour a local farm, where you will have the chance to learn about regenerative farming and how it can help transform our food system.