Published: Sept. 13, 2022
GFH Laundry Room Display

Each Court in Graduate and Family Housing is equipped with laundry rooms. Here are some great tips for greener laundry!


  1. Check out these green laundry tips to take more steps towards living sustainably:

  • Be sure to clean the lint trap BEFORE and AFTER using the dryer. This allows the machine to run most efficiently

  • Consider letting the sun dry your clothes instead! Newton, Marine, and Smiley Court have easy-to-access clothing lines. 

  • Do you use dryer sheets? Consider buying alternative, permanent drying tools, such as wool dryer balls and reusable dryer sheets! This produces less waste and is more economic in the long run

  • ALWAYS recycle your empty laundry containers! Normally a recycling bin is only a few steps away from a laundry room.


  1. Each laundry room has newly updated information boards on sustainability in GFH that include:

  • Information on how to recycle and compost correctly (and what has to be thrown away)

  • Specific information on disposing of hard-to-recycle materials

  • Easy (oftentimes FREE) and sustainable transportation options

  • Access to signing up for an EcoVisit - a great way of learning more about living sustainably (FREE EcoKit with each visit)

  • Ways of staying connected with the Environmental Center and its efforts to reduce our carbon footprint