Published: Sept. 12, 2022

9-13-22 Staff Update

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Staff Info

  • This Thursday 9/15  E-Center All Staff Gathering
  • Preferred Email address for E-Center work communications
  • Paid sick time benefit for CU student employees
  • Next Zero Waste Football shifts Saturday 9/24
  • When is Pay Day?

Opportunities for Engagement

  •  Weekly Campus Sustainability Tours on Mondays
  •  Tuesday 9/13 and Wednesday 9/21  Bike Commuting & Maintenance Clinics
  •  Wednesday 9/14 and Tuesday 9/20  Boulder Bike Path Rides
  •  Garden with the CU Farm Club
  •  Sign up for a Free EcoVisit

And other Resources for student staff such as schedule of pay days, paid sick time info, staff contact list, and more.

Read on for details…


Staff Info

Environmental Center
Fall Semester All Staff Gathering
This Thursday, September 15th
5 - 7:30 pm at Williams Village Center Community Commons

If you haven't already, RSVP Here

All staff of the Environmental Center - students and professional - will get together in person to start the Fall semester with introductions, planning, training and fun community-building.  Activities will be at the Williams Village Commons Multipurpose room and will be paid (put the time on your timesheet).

Dinner will be provided afterward in the Village Dining Center, with many options including vegetarian, vegan and allergy friendly choices.

What's your preferred email address for receiving E-Center work communications?

As a staff member of the Environmental Center, you'll receive this regular Environmental Center staff email, as well as other email communications related to your work and pay.  Emails will go to the email address you used in your job application.  If you prefer to receive those emails at another email address, send an email to with your preferred email.

Paid sick time benefit for CU student employees

CU Student Employees accrue paid time off to help if you have to miss work due to illness.  For every 30 hours worked, 1 paid sick hour is accrued.  Your sick leave balance builds with the number of hours you work, and can be used when needed.  Your balance can be found on the MyCUinfo employee portal (official balance based on all your CU jobs) or Quickbooks Time/TSheets (estimated balance based on your E-Center work).  

To find out when and how to use your sick leave balance, see the Sick Leave section in the Resources section of this email or on the E-Center's Student Staff Resources website.

Zero Waste Football - your help needed!
Next game Saturday September 24th

Zero Waste crews staffed by the Environmental Center make zero waste possible at CU Football home games.  Last year we composted and recycled 120,000 pounds of waste at football games!  Through the effort of over 60 student staff we were able to divert 88% of the entire season's waste from the landfill.  Keeping game and fan waste from the landill depends on lots of hands!

The next game is Saturday, September 24th.  There are several opportunities for you to sign up for paid work:  zero waste tailgating crew, recycling on Franklin Field, and lots of staff needed for sorting waste after the game.

Sign up here to work paid shifts through the E-Center.  Staff also get a free wristband so you can attend the game.

When is Pay Day?
Student staff are paid biweekly every other Friday, pay arriving two weeks following the end of each work period.   For instance, work submitted on your E-Center timesheet from September 4 - September 17 will be paid on Friday, September 30.

See a schedule of all Fall semester work periods and corresponding pay days in the Resources section of this email.


Upcoming Events and Opportunities for Engagement

Weekly Campus Green Tours on Mondays  5 - 6 pm
See for yourself all the features that make CU Boulder one of the most sustainable campuses in the nation.  Visit pollinator gardens, bike stations, solar panels, the on-campus recycling facility, and more.  Join one of our small group guided tours, and be prepared to walk all over campus and get to know it better and learn about how we take sustainability seriously!  Register here.

Essential Bike Commuting and Maintence Clinics
Tuesday, September 13  or Wednesday September 21  6 - 8 pm

Learn the essentials of bike commuting and maintenance.  Topics covered:  bikes and bike fit; staying dry and carrying your stuff; riding on paths and in traffic; basic maintenance (drivetrain, shifting, brakes, tire inflation).  Register here.

Boulder Bike Path Ride
Wednesday, September 14 or Tuesday, September 20 
5 - 7 pm

Ride some of the best bike paths in Boulder!  On this casual group ride, we'll see street art, parks, and much more.  This is a great start to learning the paths and seeing the best Boulder has to offer.  Bring your own bike or a BCycle.

Gardening Opportunities with the CU Farm Club
Garden upkeep, harvest, weed, learn, create, complost -- all student led.  The harvested produce from two CU gardens (one at the SEEC complex on east campus and one at Boulder Public Library on the creek) is given to CU graduate and family housing.  See a calendar of upcoming events here, or follow @cu_farm_club,

Sign up for a Free EcoVisit
Reduce your carbon footprint at home.  If you live in a campus residence hall or off-campus in Boulder, you can get a Free EcoKit and talk with EcoVisits students to learn more about reducing your environmental impact where you live.  Your free EcoKit includes compost bin, recycle bin, LED light bulb, bike lights, reusable bag, reusable utensil kit, energy and water saving items.  And you get a free Pizza with your EcoVisit!  Sign up here.

More Environmental Center spring events listed on our online calendar.



Pay Dates for the Fall 2022

Two-Week Work Period Time sheet Complete and Submit Deadline Friday Pay Day (2 weeks after work period ends)
Aug 7 - Aug 20 Monday, Aug 22 September 2
Aug 21 - Sept 3 Monday, Sept 5 September 16
Sept 4 - Sept 17 Monday, Sept 19 September 30
Sept 18 - Oct 1 Monday, Oct 3 October 14
Oct 2 - Oct 15 Monday, Oct 17 October 28
Oct 16 - Oct 29 Monday, Oct 31 November 11
Oct 30 - Nov 12 Monday, Nov 14 November 25
Nov 13 - Nov 26 Monday, Nov 28 December 9
Nov 27 - Dec 10 ** Monday, Dec 12 December 23
Dec 11 - Dec 24 
** Last Day graduating seniors can work is Thursday Dec 8
Monday, Dec 26 January 6, 2023


E-Center Staff Contact List
Online list of all E-Center student and professional staff contact info

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Sick leave - Paid time off for CU student staff
All CU student employees accrue paid sick leave to help when you have to miss a work shift (for any work since Jan 1, 2021).

  • Always reach out to your supervisor with advance notification of any work you have to miss.
  • For every 30 hours you work (beginning Jan 1, 2021), you accrue 1 hour of paid sick leave (.034 hr leave for every 1 hour worked). 
  • Sick leave balances can be viewed on a tile in the MyCUinfo portal, under CU Resources, My Info and Pay.  
  • Hours worked across all jobs at CU are eligible for leave that can be taken at any CU job. 
  • Sick leave may be used for physical illness, mental illness, health condition, medical treatment or diagnosis, preventative medical care, or non-work injury, or to care for a family member.  It can also be used when an employee or family member has been the victim of domestic abuse, sexual assault, or harassment and needs to be absent from work.  There are some other instances when sick leave can be used, which can be viewed here.
  • You can only request as much paid time as you have accrued - any time off beyond your sick leave balance will be unpaid.  
  • To request paid sick leave for an Environmental Center shift that you have to miss, select "Sick (part time) Paid Time Off" from the Program drop-down list in your Quickbooks Time/TSheets timesheet, then enter the amount of time you want to take (within your balance available).  For sick time to be used at other CU jobs, check with your supervisor or departmental payroll administrator at that job to find out how to request sick time off.  Note that the sick leave balance in TSheets is an estimate and may not accurately reflect your balance if you work other CU jobs.
  • Questions?  Reach out to


Work-Study:  What is it?  Are you Eligible?
Work-Study is need-based financial aid that allows students to earn money for college expenses by working a part-time job.   Work-study jobs are funded by the federal and state government and include both on and off-campus positions.  Work-study is a program that benefits both the employee and employer:  Students earn a pay check, as with any job, but a majority of the wages are paid by financial aid funds rather than the employing department.  When students with work-study awards work with the Environmental Center, our staffing budget goes further and we can hire more students!

Are you eligible for a work-study award?  First you have to submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).   CU Boulder receives a limited amount of work-study funding from federal and state sources each year. Not all eligible students receive a work-study award.  If you think you might be eligible, please check with the Student Employment office to find out more! 

Ergonomic Recommendations for Healthy Work Habits
When you work on a computer for hours at a time, proper office ergonomics — including correct chair height, adequate equipment spacing and good desk posture -- can help you and your neck, shoulders, wrists, and back stay comfortable and healthy over the long term.

The goal is for your shoulders, neck, back, arms and wrists to be relaxed and not stressed, reaching, or at angles.

  • The top of your display monitor should be straight in front of you or *slightly* below eye level
    • Use a laptop stand or books, box, etc on a table, to prop display up to correct level
  • Use remote keyboard and trackpad/mouse, preferably on your lap,  so that you are not reaching up onto a table or out in front of you, or bending your wrists to type/ point
  • When sitting
    • feet should be flat on the floor or on a footrest
    • back should be straight and supported by the back of your chair
  • Vary positions throughout the day.  Stand sometimes, sit sometimes.
  • Take lots of breaks.  Get up and walk around.  
  • Give your eyes a break too: Every 20 minutes, take 20 seconds and focus on something 20 feet away.

More info and visuals available at:

Food Resources

Campus Financial Aid & Payment Assistance


Campus Technology

Health & Well-Being

  • And, anyone on the E-Center staff can provide you with information and resources if you or your family/friends/roommates etc. are struggling or sick and need help. We are here for you!  Email staff individually or at

University of Colorado COVID Updates and resources

Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE)
Explore AASHE resources and programs to find materials to support campus sustainability leadership, and ways you can develop and prepare yourself for entering the workforce.

Environmental Center Student Staff Handbook
A summary of best work practices and expectations for student staff

Environmental Center New Hire Information
Info for new student hires at the Environmental Center, including new hire forms, instructions for Direct Deposit, timesheets, required trainings, and more

Past E-Center staff weekly updates