Angela Maria Ortiz Roa, climate justice program manager at the University of Colorado Boulder, is a native of Colombia who arrived in Colorado in 2001. Rooted in an eco-cultural upbringing and a commitment to serve the communities she belongs to, Angela’s migration experience led her to seek education on concepts of eco-social justice, cross-cultural communication and intersectionality to actively become a change agent in her community.

Angela has spent six years with the Environmental Center.  She joined as the FLOWS Program Coordinator and in the past year shifted to the Climate Justice Programs Coordinator.   Angela has recently announced a shift in positions and leaves the EC for the City of Boulder.  We are so honored to have worked with Angela these past six years.  

In her resignation announcement, she states, “It is my heart’s dream that we can find urgent solutions for the serious climate issues we are facing and that while doing so, we truly center equity and transformation in all our efforts, not only in our words, but in every single action we take. Even though I am stepping away from FLOWS, the Climate Justice Team, and the EC Team, I am still going to be an active change agent in our community through my new role in the Community Engagement and Communications Department at the City of Boulder.”

Working with Angela has been the most rewarding and life changing experience for FLOWS Coordinator, Indya Love who started out as a volunteer for FLOWS in 2017. She was immediately impressed with Angela’s warm and infectious energy and always felt very welcomed by her and the FLOWS team. 

Indya, as well as other staff at the Environmental Center, really admire her hard work and dedication to FLOWS, to climate and social justice, and most of all to her community. 

Angela is a strong and courageous leader and many have learned an enormous amount in such a short time from her.  

“I have no words to express my heartfelt gratitude for everything Angela has done. I will miss my mentor and friend dearly and will always use her great wisdom to guide me through challenging times”. Indya Love

We know Angela will continue the fight for social and climate justice and be an ally to the CU community. Thank you for always bringing your passion, dedication, and light, Angela. The world needs more leaders like you!