Participants Profile picture Joseph Marrujo and Ann GiangFive different presentations were presented on Thursday, April 14th. All of the presentations had one goal, to make CU more sustainable. The proposals were reviewed based on impact, feasibility and innovation by a panel of judges who included: Prof. Phaedra Pezzullo, CU Regent Lesley Smith, Jasmin Barco and students Anila Narayana and Bullos White. The Zero Waste Outreach Team was made up of seven teams members and they are Lauren Mullen, Kat Avedovech, Karlie Conzachi, Kate Huun, Bryce Poirot, Tasha Smith, and Kayla Vasarhelyi, presented their recycling education program, which is aimed at educating undergraduate students on the importance of recycling at CU. 

The second presentation was presented by Ishan Gohil and Anuradha Prakash. Their presentation was about a personal carbon calculator that they designed and built for CU students to track their carbon emissions from their phones.

The third presentation was done by Helen Flock. Her presentation was about adding green roofs and habitat panels to the secure bike shelters on the main campus, and east campus, in hopes of increasing sustainable transportation and biodiversity on campus. 

The fourth presentation was done by Joseph Marrujo and Ann Giang. Their proposal tackled electric generation on campus, by installing piezoelectric tiles on some of the most highly trafficked walking spots on campus.

The fifth, and final presentation was done by Henrique Sannibale, and his presentation was on hempcrete being used as an alternative to concrete on CU’s campus, and the benefits it holds over traditional cement. 

At the end of the night, the presentation done by Joseph Marrujo and Ann Giang took home first place, and the Zero Waste Outreach Team took home second place. Audience choice was awarded to Henrique Sanniable. 

If these presentations sound interesting, then make a plan to stop by the Solutions Showcase on April 21st at the UMC. All of these presentations, plus many more will be on display at the showcase. So go check out these amazing ideas on how to make CU more sustainable, and many others!