climate justice logoThe Climate Justice Leadership Program empowers students with the knowledge and skills to advance both sustainability and social justice efforts. The purpose of this program is to illuminate the direct correlation of sustainability and social justice work which, in turn, creates an opportunity for student leadership and action surrounding this work on CU campus and beyond. The program builds a community of change agents, explores questions of identity and place, heritage and inheritance, root causes of the global unravelling, disproportionate impacts of the climate crisis, and creates community solutions. We examine individual actions and identities as well as global institutions and world views, and different approaches to ecological systems and design. We will also meet with and learn from practitioners in the field.

The program aims to facilitate deep discussion, meaningful reflection and solutions-focused thinking to activate voices and actualize potential. Participants will benefit from a dynamic co-curricular experience and gain knowledge and skill sets with widespread application and value. These learnings will be put into practice through collaboration with the campus and community climate justice planning efforts which will have real world impact. 

For fall semester, applicants should be able to attend one half-day climate justice workshop in early November and other curated events with guest speakers, workshops and tours.  For spring semester, the continuing participants from fall will advance into a service and applied learning approach.  Students new to the program in spring semester will have learning and networking opportunities with workshops, tours and guest speakers.  


  • Develop and implement Campus and Community Actions for Climate justice 

  • Attain experience and tools to make an impact with collaborative community projects

  • Build contemporary DEI-based leadership skills

Participants will gain:

  • Pride in their tangible community impacts

  • Resume-building experience

  • Peer networking

  • Earn digital credential badge (in development)

Who should participate?

  • This program is geared to undergraduate students.  This will be a safe and inclusive space for all to participate regardless of level and identity.  
  • There is no participation fee.  Limited paid fellowships are available for those needing compensation to participate. 

Apply for the Climate Justice Leadership Program

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.  If you are interested in the October 27 Food Justice Panel and/ or the November 13 Climate Justice Workshop, please sign up by October 26th. 


Featured Events: 

Forging the Future of Food Justice in Colorado

On Wednesday, October 27th from 5:00 to 6:00 the Climate Justice Leadership Program and other CU students will have the opportunity to hear from a panel of speakers on the direct connection between food and climate justice. This discussion will dive deep into food insecurity and food sovereignty in our immediate community. We will also delve into how food systems contribute to the disproportionate effect of climate change on marginalized communities.  Peer-Mentor Logan Newbold will moderate the panel and facilitate a discussion around these issues. 


Exploring Climate Justice

On Saturday, November 13th we will be engaging in half day intensive training where we will explore our roles in Climate Justice. Starting off, we will learn about the history of the environmental justice movement to ground our learning. This context will enable us to better understand current climate justice leaders as well as potential areas to navigate our own leadership. We will hear from experts from different fields and community leaders to better understand what climate justice looks like in our society`. Through discussion and interactive exercises we will explore what curiosities arise and next steps for engagement.  This training will take place from 10:00am-3:00pm Saturday November 13th. There will also be a light breakfast beforehand if you want to join us.  

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