Published: Nov. 30, 2015

Written by Drew Searchinger
Did you know: 
● Gardens are sprouting all around campus! 

○ CU Graduate and Family Housing has a total of 95 gardening plots and are adding an additional 20 plots this season. 

● From increasing healthy fruit and vegetable consumption to reducing stress, there are tons of benefits to having your own garden.
● Over 70 million tons of fertilizers and pesticides are applied to residential lawns and gardens annually, according to the U.S. National Wildlife Federation. 
● According to the EPA, 24% of the U.S. municipal solid waste stream is composed of food remnants and yard trimmings- these could be composted! 

What you can do:
● Learn about permaculture by taking the Permaculture Design Course at CU: 
Maymester (May 9-27) Mon-Fri, 10am-5pm. Email to sign up. 
● Join CU Student to Farm to get connected with farming and gardening opportunities through campus. 

○ CU In the Garden is looking for student leaders! Email to get connected. 

● Attend a free gardening workshop on campus, April 23rd from 10am-5pm. Limited spots available, sign up ASAP.
● Start a garden: It's good for you and it's good for the environment. 
● Start a compost: it's easier than you think. 

○ No lawn? No problem! Growing Gardens manages more than 530 individual community garden plots across twelve locations in Boulder. 

○ You can still compost without a yard! Check out this guide on composting in your apartment. 

More resources:
● Gardening with Native Plants in Boulder
● Growing Gardens: community gardening in Boulder. 
● Construct a do it yourself compost bin
● Green lawn care tips