Mission & Undergraduate Program Educational Objectives

The stakeholders of the Department of Electrical, Computer, and Energy Engineering include industry partners in the state of Colorado and across the nation, and the ECEE graduate faculty. All are served by our undergraduate education programs. Our graduate educational programs serve Colorado and national industry and our graduate students. Colorado and national industry is served by our research.

The Department of Electrical, Computer, and Energy Engineering at the University of Colorado at Boulder is the premier undergraduate and graduate EE/ECE program in the state of Colorado and all adjoining states, as measured by reputation, national rankings, and department size. The primary mission of the ECEE department is:
  • To provide relevant and highly-respected undergraduate EE and ECE degree programs to on-campus students;
  • To provide excellent graduate degree programs in electrical engineering;
  • To advance industry in the state of Colorado and the nation, as well as the accumulated knowledge of mankind, through our high quality research programs; and
  • To use our on-campus educational activities to provide high-quality continuing education programs for off-campus students.

Annual student enrollment and graduation data for Electrical and Computer Engineering can be found on the college Rankings, Facts and Figures webpage.

Program Educational Objectives and Student Outcomes

It is widely acknowledged that an engineering undergraduate education is a strong foundation for a successful career in many disciplines including, of course, engineering but additionally management, business, law, medicine, and even politics. While our primary focus is on engineering careers, we are pleased when our graduates take their foundations in analysis, problem solving, and understanding of complex systems into diverse careers.