Our joint BS/MS program and joint BS/Professional MS in electrical and computer engineering enables qualified students to be admitted to the (Professional) MS program during the junior year and to work toward both the BS and (Professional) MS degrees concurrently. The program:

  • Allows you to plan early for the (Professional) MS degree
  • Enables you to take graduate courses as part of the BS degree
  • Provides more flexibility in course order
  • Has the potential for a discounted tuition rate

Application for admission into the BS/MS or BS/Professional MS program may be made at any time during or after the junior year. Fall applicants must submit applications by April 1. Spring applicants must submit applications by Nov. 1. Minimum requirements for admission are:
  1. Completion of 9-10 core EE courses (see list at right)
  2. A minimum overall GPA of 3.25 and a minimum GPA of 3.25 in ECEE courses

To qualify for admission, transfer students must meet the same requirements, except that in place of requirement 1, completion of at least two core courses at UCB, completion of coursework which has been approved for transer credit equivalent to all core EE courses not taken at UCB, and completion of at least 24 credit hours at UCB.

    To remain in good standing, you must maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher for all courses taken.

    You will be treated on the same basis as any other student in the department at a comparable stage of his/her academic career. Until 128 credit hours of courses applicable to the BS or (Professional)MS degree are taken and passed, you are governed by the rules and regulations applicable to any undergraduate student in the ECEE department unless specified otherwise. After 128 credit hours of courses applicable to the BS or (Professional)MS degree are taken and passed, you will be governed by the rules and regulations applicable to any graduate student in the ECEE department unless specified otherwise.

      With the recommendation of your academic advisor and the approval of the ECEE Graduate Director, as many as six credit hours of graduate level engineering coursework at the 5000 level or above may be counted toward both the BS degree requirements and to the (Professional)MS degree requirements.

      A student in the BS/(Professional)MS program must have a faculty advisor with whom he/she must consult to compose a degree plan, including a list of courses to be taken from the senior year through the end of the program. This plan must be filed with the ECEE Department graduate program advisor by the end of the third week of the first semester in which the student has been admitted into the program.

      • ECEN 2250: Introduction to Circuits/Electronics
      • ECEN 2260: Circuits as Systems
      • ECEN 2270: Electronics Design Lab
      • ECEN 2350: Digital Logic
      • ECEN 3250: Microelectronics*
      • ECEN 3300: Linear Systems*
      • ECEN 3350: Programming Digital Systems
      • ECEN 3360: Digital Design Lab
      • ECEN 3400: Electromagnetic Fields and Waves*
      • ECEN 3810: Introduction to Probability Theory

      *EE students must complete 3 of these courses; ECE majors must complete 2.

      Joint Degree with Interdisciplinary Telecom Program

      With this five-year program, you will earn a BS from ECEE and an MS from CU Boulder's Interdisciplinary Telecom Program (ITP). The integrated approach of the dual degree is intended to serve emerging technologies that integrate communication networks with Internet networking platforms. Learn more on the ITP website

      Application Forms

      To apply to the ECEE BS/MS program, please complete the following forms and submit them to your undergraduate academic advisor.

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