Sarah A. Orlofske

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I just completed my Ph.D. at the University of Colorado - Boulder in Dr. Pieter Johnson’s Lab and am starting as an Assistant Professor at Northeastern Illinois University in Fall 2013. Look for new website updates soon!

My research interests are in the fields of aquatic ecology and disease ecology. Specifically, I focus on diseases and parasites of amphibians and their interactions with the wider aquatic community. Specifically, I am investigating the transmission mode of trematode free-living stages to their amphibian hosts. My model parasite is Ribeiroia ondatrae, a species implicated in amphibian malformations. I am also interested in the ecological role of parasites in food webs and the interplay with transmission dynamics. I use a variety of research techniques including mathematical modeling, laboratory and mesocosm experiments, and field surveys.

My other research interests are tropical ecology and conservation efforts related to ecotourism, physiological ecology, and parasite community ecology.