Disease Ecology

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Disease ecology is a growing field of biology that encompasses other diverse areas of study, including community ecology, physiological ecology, and evolution.

    One of my research topics is the energetic costs of parasitism in vertebrate and invertebrate hosts. This work also relates to my research on the role of parasites in food webs and energy flow.

    A second area of research is the factors influencing parasite aggregation. Parasites typically exhibit aggregated distributions among hosts, but I am particularly interested in what causes aggregation within hosts.

    Finally, my most recent research endeavor is the use of molecular phylogenetics methods to examine the identities and evolutionary relationships of trematodes, particularly their relationships with invertebrate first intermediate hosts.

From the top down: First intermediate hosts snails, Helisoma trivolvis. Echinostoma sp. metacercariae. Checking mesocosms for emerging metamorphs. Wood Frog tadpole with edema caused by Echinostoma infection.