Courses I have Taught as Lead Instructor

Courses I have Taught as Teaching Assistant

  • Principles of Ecology (EBIO-2040)
    TA Evaluations; Syllabus
    A 3 credit lab/field course for biology majors covering global abiotic processes, biomes, and community/species/population level dynamics as well as techniques of field biology and computational data analysis. The scientific method is emphasized and students are required to complete an independent project.
  • Planet Earth (GEOSC-020)
    A 3 credit class for non-majors that introduces students to the geology and climate of Earth on a global scale.
  • The Nyanza Project
    A course coupled with a research experience intended to provide basic information surrounding Lake Tanganyika. Information presented includes the geology, limnology, biology, and paleoclimatology of the lake and surrounding areas. This course introduces students to the methods used to study the lake as well as practical knowledge of the surrounding area. I presented on various topics and aided in logistics.
  • Dinosaurs and Extinction (GEOL-112)
    A 3 credit course for non-majors examining the role of dinosaurs evolution, the environments to which they adapted, and hypotheses that attempt to explain their mass extinction (lecture and lab).
  • Principles of Physics (PHYS-101)
    A 3 credit course examining mechanics, waves, sound, and fluids (lecture and lab).
  • Historical Geology (GEOL-103)
    A 3 credit course examining the Earth system over geological time, including the fossil record and major extinction events.

Students I have Mentored