Chimpanzee Vocalizations

Here are some examples of chimp calls you will need to be able to recognize in the field.

Chimp Scream 1:   
Chimp Scream 2:   
Chimp Bark:          
Chimp Hoot:          
Chimp Laughter:    
Chimp Pant-Grunt: 
Chimp Pant-Hoot:  
Chimp Squeal:       
Chimp Waa-Bark:  
Chimp Whimper:   

Welcome to the Bangweulu Swamps and Floodplain

This is an epic video showing where we will spend a a few nights in the Bangweulu area.

Bangweulu Poachers

Bringing in a few poachers from the Bangweulu Swamps.


Click HERE for a really interesting Shoebill video.

Kasanka NP

A short look at Kasanka National Park.

Kasanka Bats

Footage of the amazing Kasanka annual fruit bat migration.

Victoria Falls

I highly recommend this. A great BBC documentary about the area around Victoria Falls.

Victoria Falls Aerial

A great great vew of Victoria Falls and the gorges (which were once falls themselves).

Chimfunshi Chimp Behavior

WARNING*** this video contains footage of chimpanzee behavior at Chimfunshi following the death of a chimpanzee infant.

Good Copper, Bad Copper

A documentary about social justice and environmental issues surrounding copper mining in Zambia.

Stealing Africa

A documentary detailing how the people of Zambia are not profitting from the copper extraction going on in their own country.

T-shirt Travels Documentary

In this documentary filmed in Zambia you can see one example of how aid might stifle innovation and entrepreneurship in Zambia. It is also a good way to get introduced to the people of Zambia.

Conservation Agriculture

A brief look at conservation agriculture in Zambia.

Introduction to Conservation Agriculture Systems

A brief look at conservation agriculture in California.

All other videos in this series can be found HERE

Sowing Seeds of Hunger

A look at how HIV/AIDS affects agricultural production in Zambia.