William W. Adams III

Professor, Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

and Affiliate, Renewable and Sustainable Energy Institute

University of Colorado at Boulder, Boulder, Colorado  80309-0334, USA

Phone:  (303) 492-2880; Fax:  (303) 492-8699;

e-mail:  william.adams*colorado.edu  *=@


Australian National University, Canberra1984-87     PhDPlant Environmental Biology

(and Desert Research Institute, Reno)

University of Kansas, Lawrence1981-84MABotany

University of Kansas, Lawrence1979-83BAAtmospheric Sciences

University of Kansas, Lawrence1977-81BABiology

Academic Positions

2003-presentProfessor, University of Colorado

1996-2003    Associate Professor, University of Colorado

May-Aug 1994Visiting Fellow, Australian National University

1988-1996    Assistant Professor, University of Colorado

1988-89Humboldt Fellow, Universität Würzburg

1987-88NATO Postdoctoral Fellow, Universität Würzburg

1984-87PhD Scholar, Australian National University

1981-84Teaching Assistant, University of Kansas