Leah Wasser, Director of Earth Analytics Education at Earth Lab
Earth Analytics Education Initiative Director
Earth Lab

Leah leads the Earth Analytics Education Initiative at Earth Lab, which includes a professional program in earth analytics, an undergraduate internship, and an open education website (https://www.earthdatascience.org), which receives upwards of 25,000 unique users per month. Leah’s role includes building the professional certificate and Master's programs in Earth analytics, developing infrastructure for cutting edge, data-intensive online learning, creating earth data science courses and tutorials, and organizing career development opportunities for students. Leah developed and now teaches the Earth Analytics course in the Earth Data Analytics - Foundations Professional Certificate program. Leah is an open source, open education and open science advocate. Her most recent project is pyOpenSci - an organization devoted to the development of open source Python tools and resources for scientists.

Leah has a Ph.D. in Ecology and a Master’s in Landscape Architecture. She has nearly 20 years of experience teaching data intensive science. Previously, she was a senior scientist at NEON (National Ecological Observatory Network) where she developed and lead the Data Skills program. She also has a long standing partnership with the Carpentries and led the development of the Geospatial data lessons in R. Prior to NEON, Leah developed curriculum for and taught geospatial techniques including GIS and high accuracy GPS to land planners, faculty, staff and students in the Penn State Geospatial Technology program.

Leah is an outdoor enthusiast and spends her free time running and fastpacking in the mountains.