Applied Science Projects Build Marketable Earth Data Science Skills in the Earth Data Analytics Professional Graduate Certificate

Applied real-world project experience is critical to getting a job in today’s competitive market. As such, the Earth Data Analytics Professional Certificate includes an applied capstone project where students work with industry, agency and academic partners to implement the techniques that they have learned over the course of the certificate. Students develop their capstone project in the second course in the program, Earth Analytics (GEOG 5563), and complete the project in the third and final course, Earth Analytics Applications (GEOG 5663).

Students design their earth analytics capstone project based on their skill development and topical interests and future career goals. As such, this project serves as a stepping stone into industry, strongly influenced by student career goals and the applied skills that will best serve them in the professional world. 

About the Earth Data Analytics - Foundations Professional Graduate Certificate

The Earth Data Analytics - Foundations professional graduate certificate is a nine credit program that teaches students the fundamental programming, spatial, and open science skills to address environmental challenges and work with earth systems data. All tools taught in the program are based on market research to ensure that students graduate with skills that are in-demand in the job market.