About the Program

The Earth Lab internship program immerses undergraduate students at University of Colorado - Boulder in data-intensive earth science research. Students are paired with a science mentor - either a faculty member, postdoctoral researcher, or graduate student - to work on a research project.

Through training activities and working with Earth Lab experts, participants gain valuable experience in data exploration, visualization, and analysis and science communication. Specific skills that a typical intern might gain through the program include:

  • Programming with R or Python
  • Using computing and geospatial tools like Docker, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Jupyter Notebooks, GitHub, and QGIS
  • Giving presentations on scientific research to various audiences
  • Writing scientific materials such as abstracts, research papers, and blogs

Earth Lab interns engage in collaborative, data intensive scientific research

How It Works

At the beginning of each semester, interns work with their mentors to establish specific goals to guide their learning throughout the semester. These goals might be to gain proficiency in a new programming language or increase their domain knowledge of an Earth process like tornados or wildfires.

Students reach these goals through independent study, working with mentors, and training seminars organized by Earth Lab in the realms of:

  • scientific writing & communication
  • scientific programming and open reproducible science workflows
  • career pathways and development

At the end of each internship semester, students present their work to the Earth Lab community and are given constructive feedback on their projects.

Who Can Participate?

If you are a currently enrolled junior or senior at the University of Colorado Boulder, you are eligible for our internship program. Our program is not currently available to graduate students.

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