Earth Lab post docs & graduate students work in a collaborative environment to support its science projects (forestfiredrought/risk, permafrosterosiondata harmonization, extremes), its robust data analysis infrastructure (the Analytics Hub) and its earth analytics education initiative. Each postdoc builds experience working across disciplines through joint proposals and publications and other research efforts across science projects.

Earth Lab postdoc scholars and graduate students are a dynamic and collaborative team that produce scientific results using collaborative data intensive approaches.

Earth Lab Supports 21st Century Computation Intensive Science

Post docs are supported in their data-intensive computation efforts by the Analytics Hub and through collaboration with each other and faculty. They build critical computationally intensive science skills in a suite of areas including:

  • Data Integration
  • High performance computing
  • Efficient processing
  • Data intensive workflows
  • Remote sensing
  • Science communication / Collaboration

The collaborative and data intensive environment and infrastructure found at Earth Lab supports scientific inquiry that could not be performed otherwise. Earth Lab Post Docs and Graduate students working on cutting edge, data intensive science problems.